Rule Mods

Human Glow-worm:
If your a spell-caster, you have a magical aura, just like a magical item or spell. This can be detected with the detect magic spell.

Magic Item Blackmarket:
Buying of magical items is restricted (as is the carrying/owning of magic items). For those that don’t have the correct magic item permit, the black market provides a access to these items at a price. Items bought on the black market cost double there usual cost (with the exception of items/spells used to hide magic aura which are only sold on the black market and are standard price).

Wipe on, wipe off:
Secondary spellcasters (classes that don’t get spells at first level), don’t just magically gain spells at level 2. They must seek out a master of their class (someone who can cast spells), and have there spellcasting activated. Once this happen, they can cast spells a normal, but will also gain a magical aura.

Damn Kids:
Pretoria is an order society, and being exceptional will always get noticed. We will be using a stat array (15,14,13,12,10,8) plus racial bonuses. However if any of your stats are over 16, you start as a 13 year old, with -1 to all of your mental or physical stats (your choice), this represents the fact that you are exceptional and you were taken to do the PMAT early.

Rule Mods

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