Religion in Pretoria


Religon, like all other aspects of life is Pretoria is controlled. However, the orders do understand the value and importance of religion, and the churches of Pretoria are allowed to operate with relative freedom from state interference.

As part of there function, the churches tend to the sanity of Pretorians. Confession, prayer and the general archetecture of the churchs are all designed to restore and fortify the mental health of churchgoers, allowing them to overcome the trials of life.

The exceptions to this rule are the church of St. Cuthbert and Pelor.

St. Cuthbert is the state deity of Pretoria. The church of St. Cuthbert forms an active arm of the govenment, overseeing not only the teaching of religon, but also Pretoria’s police force, the Judicar.

The men and women of the church of Pelor are recognized as the healers of Pretorian society. Members of the church of Pelor tend to the physical and mental health of Pretorians, including tending to the aftermath of monstrous activity or the damage done by unlicenced spellcasting.

Authorized Deities:

Churches of these deities can be found in every town and city of Pretoria.

  1. St. Cuthbert – State Religon
  2. Pelor
  3. Heironeous
  4. Wee Jas – powerful following in the Arcane Order

Tolerated Deities:
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Religion in Pretoria

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