Orders of Pretoria


The Orders of Pretoria are the five governmental bodies that have a seat on the High Marshals Council of Pretoria, presided over by the Lord Marshal of Pretoria. The council nominally rules Pretoria, however it is know to most that the Arcane Order is the dominate faction in the council, with all Lord Marshals coming from this Order.

Arcane Order (Archmage of the Arcane Order)

The wizards of Pretoria are the most powerful faction in the land, having ruled for over 1000 years. The Wizards Academy is also the most prestigious school in Pretoria and hardest to enter, taking only the finest young minds and turning them into the leaders of tomorrow.

Wizards of the Arcane Order are easily distinguishable by there plain black robes and clasp of the ruby sorceress (Wee Jas).

Pretorian Guard (High Marshal of the Guard)

Made up of mainly of powerful primary and secondary spell-casters, the guard is the second most powerful organization in Pretoria. A para-military organization, the guard is the elite fighting force of Pretoria, responding to threats that the Judicar cannot handle in peace times, and leading the charge in war.

Pretorian Guard can usually be easily identified by there distinctive blue uniform and Dragon insignia.

Judicar (Chief Justice)

While nominally under the control of the church of st. cuthbert. It is the chief justice, not the archbishop that sits on the council. The Judicar are the police force of Pretoria, the most seen face of the government. A Judicar in a breastplate with a Kino hovering near by is a common site around Pretorian cities. Judicar can always be distinguished by there mark of St. Cuthbert.

Sentinels (Marshal of the Watchmen)

A new addition to the council, the sentinels were until recently a branch of the Pretorian Guard. The Marshal of the Watchmen is also the only member of the council not to hold the effective rank of High Marshal. The Sentinel are a irregular para-military force of rangers and scouts, who patrol the boarders of Pretoria. They are also known as the watchmen of Pretoria.

Rarely seen in cities, watchmen generally wear drab colors and wear light armor. While they don’t generally display it, a watchman can be identified by the orders insignia, the lidless eye.

Pretorian Army (General of Pretoria)

Overshadowed in both times of peace and war by the Pretorian Guard, the Pretorian Army provides the man power, war machines and logistical support in times of war. It is said that the Guard are the rapier, and the Army is the fist.

Officers of the Army where a grey uniform similar to the Pretorian Guard, with a Fist as their insignia.

Orders of Pretoria

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