New Spells

Magic Aura

1st level Illusion (Glamer)
Classes: Brd, Sor, Wiz
Components: V, S, F
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Target: One touched object weighing up to 5 lb./level
Duration: One day/level (D)

You alter an item/person’s aura so that it registers to detect spells (and spells with similar capabilities) as though it were nonmagical, or a magic item of a kind you specify, or the subject of a spell you specify.

If the object/person bearing magic aura has identify cast on it or is similarly examined, the examiner recognizes that the aura is false and detects the object’s actual qualities if he succeeds on a Will save. Otherwise, he believes the aura and no amount of testing reveals what the true magic is.

If the targeted item’s own aura is exceptionally powerful (if it is an artifact, for instance), magic aura doesn’t work.

Note 1: Casting a spell dismisses this spell.

Note 2: A magic weapon, shield, or suit of armor must be a masterwork item, so a sword of average make, for example, looks suspicious if it has a magical aura.

A small square of silk that must be passed over the object that receives the aura.

Sending, lessor

1st-level Evocation
Classes: Brd, Clr, Sor, Wiz
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Same Plane
Target: One Creature

You contact a particular creature with which you are familiar and send a short message of four words or less to the subject. The subject recognizes you if it knows you. A creature with an Intelligence score as low as 1 can understand the sending, though the subject’s ability to react is limited as normal by its Intelligence score.

New Spells

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