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Welcome to the Federation of Pretoria

“Judge Dredd meets Full-metal Alchemist meets Riftwar Saga”

Pretoria is a federation of nine states, ruled by the Arcane Order. A strictly controlled state, the people of Pretoria recognize that law and order is the only way to combat the dangers that unchecked arcane spellcasting.

Under the rule of the Arcane Order, Pretoria has flourished, evolving from a single city-state to a federation of states. Encompassing the area known as the low country, Pretoria is bound to the south by the Sea of Ash, the east by the Sea of Jade, to the north by the Abalathia Mountain Range and to the west by the Indigo Deep. To the North East, the Gyn Abania forest connects the Federation to the remnants of the Garlean Empire.

Blessed with a homogeneous human population, Pretoria is free of the suffering and strife that abounds in other lands. Many give thanks to St. Cuthbert for him strong guidance that has lead to prosperity and stability in this Federation for the last five hundred years.

“With great power comes great responsibility” Lord Marshal Parker

A subject of Pretoria’s life is determined by the Physical and Mental Aptitude Test (PMAT). The PMAT is general taken on ones 16th birthday and evaluates and characterizes the subjects physical and mental attributes into a list of 3 physical and 3 metal statistics. The goal of most young Pretorians (if not all) is to score highly in one of the PMAT stats, opening the door to the most powerful of the Orders that rule Pretoria.

This campaign will have severe restrictions on race, class and alignment, based on the direction the players would like to take the campaign.

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