Campaign scenarios


As 16 year olds that have just taken the PMAT, your path in life is about to be determined for you.

Rebels and Renegades

Growing up in the slums of Gridania, you have seen the dark side of this country. You must make a choice to either become part of that underside or seek those who fight against the iron fist of the council.

Alignment restriction: Cannot be lawful, also extreme chaotic or evil behaviour would have seen you ‘re-educated’.
Class restrictions: No primary spellcasters (ex. Bard).
Starting lvl: 1


As part of the elite of Pretoria, it is your duty to preserve your great nation. Growing up, you applied yourself to study and now you have been rewarded with high marks in the PMAT.

4 years later you have graduated from the Pretorian War Academy, now fully fledged members of the Pretorian Guard.
Go forth and claim your destiny!

Alignment restriction: Cannot be Chaotic
Class restrictions: No primary spellcasters (ex. Bard)
Starting lvl: 4
Knowledge (Foes): You know the enemies of Pretoria and have attempted to memorize all the monsters that the Guard have books on. You gain advantage on rolls to identify enemies.

Hogwarts, D&D style

With a near perfect intellect score on the PMAT, you are part of the 0.1% given the rare opportunity to study at the Arcane Academy, part of the Arcane Orders’s Limsa Lominsa Fortress on the Island of Vylbrand.

Alignment restriction: None
Stats: A minimum Int. score of 16
Class restrictions: Wizard
Starting lvl: 1

Campaign scenarios

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